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Prallax scrolling effect for images


  • Supports Warehoused Images
  • Use any picture
  • Additional content to lay over the image

  • Individual alignment for overlay content
  • Custom position of image inside container
  • Individual scrolling speed


This is a headline laid over the Parallax image


For warehoused images, you can select the Warehoused Image option and provide a link to the image via the standard Link Dialog.
Additionally, you can add an Alternative Text.
In non Warehouse-Mode you can either browse to the particular picture or drag and drop it onto the image-well.

Additional Content

NEW 1.1.4
  • Additional Content - opens the drop area for additional content as well as the following two sliders
  • Vert. Position - sets the vertical position of the additional content to Top, Center or Bottom

Parallax Settings

  • Position X, Position Y - Specify coordinates as top, bottom, right, left, center. The parallax image will be positioned as close to these values as possible while still covering the target element
  • Speed - The speed at which the parallax effect runs. 0 means the image will appear fixed in place, and 10 the image will flow at the same speed as the page content
  • Bleed - You can optionally set the parallax element to extend a few pixels above and below. This can hide slow or stuttering scroll events in certain browsers
  • Height - Sets the actual height of the image display
  • Z-Index - The z-index value of the element. By default it will be behind everything else on the page