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Hit the ground running, download ready-made projects!

Starting from scratch can be difficult. To make things easier and to give you an idea how Platform works we are offering ready-made projects for download.
Get the latest version of the Platform theme here:

Mouse & Freckle

A complete web site for a fictional IT company. Consisting of three main pages, it demonstrates the use of PowerBar for main navigation, Font and Style stacks, as well as Tabs, Timeline etc.


This project demonstrates how to set up a one-page web site for a wedding or a wedding planner. It makes heavy use of the Columns stacks and shows how to use Sections with backdrops.


This is a three page website which demonstrates how a corporate web site could be set up, incorporating Platform features such as Gallery and Contact.


Road-Trip is an example for a one-page site which scolls downward from page to page. It demonstrates the use of the Hero stack as well as Scroll-To.


Epsilon is a show case page for a photographer or designer. It demonstrates how to use the Font and Style stacks as well as Icon and Image stacks.


Gallery is a three page template for an artist who wants to showcase pictures. It demonstrates how to use Parials, the Contact, Gallery and Icon stacks.
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