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A breadcrumb component to improve your navigation experience


  • Automatic mode
  • Manual mode for extra flexibility
  • Alignment options

  • Choice of five separators
  • Four sizes
  • Individual font and style settings


The Breadcrumb stack has two modes:
  • Auto Mode creates the breadcrumb track automatically
  • Manual Mode lets you edit the breadcrumbs manually
  • Edit Mode indicators display your selection clearly

Important Information

For automatic mode to work, you have to enable breadcrumbs in the RapidWeaver project settings
(Settings —> Advanced —> Site Options —> Display breadcrumb trail)


To align the pagination list, use the "left", "center", "right" options.


You can choose between four different separators: default, arrow, bullet, dot, succeeds.


You can choose between four different sizes: default, small, medium and large.


You can set the colors for the previous, active page and separator individually.