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Side Menu

A stack to create a custom vertical menu


  • Multi level
  • Each item can be aligned individually
  • Items can consist of icons and/or text

  • Individual text styles for each element
  • Items can be custom coloured
  • Individual font and style settings



Side Menu consists - besides the main stack - of a cascade of stacks: the Menu Label and the Menu List, which in turn consists of the Menu List item which in turn can contain a Menu List which then can contain a Submenu List Item.

Menu Label, Menu List Item, Submenu List Item

These sub-stacks all have the same settings, with the exception of Menu Label which does not provide a Link.


  • Link - provides the facility to add a link to the item (not available on Menu Item)


To align a tabs list, use the "left", "center", "right" options.


You can use any Icon stacks on the item. The icon can be positioned on the left or right side of the item title - or both.


Text Transform - transforms the text to Default, Capitalized, Uppercase or Lowercase
Text Weight - choose a text weight out of Light, Default, Semibold and Bold
Italic - displays the text in Italics


  • Color - besides the standard colors, the Custom option provides color selectors for the body text and the background


Font Set, Style Set and Cust. CSS Class - open up the advanced features of the Font and Style stacks.