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Default settings for the theme and the site


  • Site-wide settings for breakpoints, colors and fonts
  • Provides the elemental CSS and JavaScript libraries
  • Provides the update functionality for all sub-stacks

  • An Accelerator for the Stacks Editor improves the performance and frame rate


Accelerator - Stacks Editor

NEW 20.12
Accelerate Stacks Editor
Selecting this option will activate Hardware Acceleration for the Stacks Editor by using the graphics card in your computer.

This can drastically improve the performance as well as the frame rate and can also fix slow or choppy scrolling.

The effect will be most noticeable on large pages with a high number of stacks (>100), especially images, while small pages will not show much of an improvement.

A Word of Caution

De-activate this setting if you encounter issues either displaying the page in edit mode or even with the stability of your system. This can be the case if you are using a system with none or a very weak GPU (graphics card).
AOS-Screen Shot

RTL Mode

NEW 20.8
Right-To-Left Mode
Select this option if you are creating a page for a right-to-left language like Arabic.
AOS-Screen Shot

Color Settings

NEW 1..2.0
  • Standard Colors - select one of the standard colors from the drop down.
  • Custom Colors - select Custom from the drop down. This opens a color selector for individual colors
  • Custom Gradient - select Custom Gradient from the drop down. This opens two color selectors: one for the starting color and one for the ending color of the gradient. Additionally, you can set the gradient angle via the Angle slider
AOS-Screen Shot
AOS-Screen Shot
AOS-Screen Shot

Image Backdrop

NEW 1..2.0
For warehoused images, you can select the Warehoused Image option and provide a link to the image via the standard Link Dialog.
Additionally, you can add an Alternative Text.
In non Warehouse-Mode you can either browse to the particular picture or drag and drop it onto the image-well.
  • Image Tiling - select a tiling option. I you want your image to cover the entire width of the Hero stack, select None
  • Image Size - select one of the image sizing options
  • Poition - if your image does not completely cover the Hero stack, select one of the Position options to place your image
  • Lock Background - choose this option to lock your image. This will create a simple parallax effect when scrolling
AOS-Screen Shot


In this section you have access to all the definitions of the breakpoints used throughout Platform.

Primary Colors

In this section you can define the global color scheme for your site. The schema is:
  • each color has a name
  • each color name is assigned to one or more derived colors in the following section

This way it is possible to map your company style guide precisely to the Platform theme.

Derived Colors

As described in the previous section, the Primary Colors are now assigned to their Derived Colors, i.e. where they are actually used.
NEW 20.5
Scheme Colors are adjustable. This makes it easy to create a "Dark Mode" by just swapping the values:
Scheme Main: Black
Scheme Invert: White

Link Colors are fully adjustable: Link, Link Hover, Link Focus, Link Active, Link Visited


In this section you have access to settings like radii, speed etc.


  • Page Loader - enables the Page Loader
  • PL Text - sets the text displayed while the Page Loader is active
  • PL Style - choose between From Left and From Right
  • Color - choose from the 10 standard colors