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Quick Menu

A stack to quickly create a vertical menu


  • Multi level
  • Example menu in edit mode
  • Child pages can be excluded
  • Links can be removed from parents
  • Custom indent for child segments

  • Child pages can be collapsible
  • Optional list markers
  • Dropdown icon can be custom coloured
  • Links can be custom coloured
  • Individual font and style settings


The Quick Menu to the right is an example for a larger side menu.

Edit Mode

In Edit Mode you can display a sample menu which reflects all the subsequent settings.

General Settings

  • Display Child Pages - turns on or off the display of child pages. I.e. if switched off, only parent pages will be shown
  • Remove Links From Parents - if Display Child Pages is selected, this setting will remove links from parent pages so that the parent page will simply be a link to the underlying structure
  • Indent - determines by how much child pages are indented to their parent
  • Collapsible Child Pages - makes child pages collapsible instead of statically displaying them
  • Marker Type - select a marker to display in front of each entry. You can select "None" for no marker


  • Dropdown Icon - has two color selectors: Open sets the color of the dropdown icon for open submenus; Closed sets the color of the dropdown icon for closed submenus
  • Custom Link Color: opens the color selector for links


Font Set, Style Set and Cust. CSS Class - open up the advanced features of the Font and Style stacks.

Menu Item Settings

  • Nested - if this option is selected, the menu item can be nested, i.e. contain submenus
  • Link - provides the facility to add a link to the menu item