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QR Code

Place a QR Code onto your page

NEW 20.5


  • V-Card Mode
  • Embed text or image
  • Render as image or SVG

  • Sophisticated settings


This example demonstrates the use of the QR Code stack


Text Mode - enter any text or a URL into the Value field
vCard Mode - enter the vCard information into the fields which become visible if this mode is selected
  • Render Mode - select from Canvas, Image or SVG
  • Size - determines the size of the QR Code in pixels; it is always square
  • Align - select the horizontal alignment
  • Min. Version - sets the minimum version number. You should leave the default value unchanged unless you have to change it and you know what you are doing
  • EC-Level - select the Error Correction Level. Depending on the size/shape of your overlay or the setting of Corner Radius you might have to increase this
  • Fill Color - select color of the dark area
  • Background - select the background color (light area)
  • Corner Radius - this setting rounds off the corners of the QR Code but at the same time reduces readability; you might have to increase the Error Correction Level
  • Quiet Zone - sets the size of the Quiet Zone, i.e. empty area, around the QR Code
  • Label Mode - Plain: no label/image; Label: overlays a text label; Image: overlays an image. Text Label and Image are exclusive and cannot be used together
  • Label Size - determines the size of the label in percent of the QR Code size
  • Label Pos. X - sets the position of the label inside the QR Code in horizontal direction
  • Label Pos. Y - sets the position of the label inside the QR Code in vertical direction
  • Label - the contents of the text label
  • Font Name- select the Font for the Text Label
  • Font Outline - draws an outline around the Text Label (Background color)
  • Label Color - sets the Color of the Text Label
  • Label Image - select the image if Label Mode is set to Image
  • Draw Image as Code - interleaves the image with the QR Code pattern