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An easy to use contact form


  • PHP based
  • Completely customisable text
  • Compliant by requesting consent

  • Easy to use Robot Test
  • Easily set to which e-mail address send the submissions to
  • Customisable send-button


Contact is meant to be straight forward and easy to use. It is therefore limited in its flexibility.


Owner Information

  • Owner E-Mail - this is the E-Mail Address to which the submissions are going to be delivered
  • Send From This Address - if set, the sender of the submission will be the Owner E-Mail, otherwise it will be the the visitor's e-mail address.

Form Data

This section provides entry fields to customise labels, placeholders and error messages:
  • A Label is the text which is displayed above its associated input field
  • A Placeholder is the text which is displayed inside an input field in grey color, describing the expected input
  • An Error Message is the text which will be displayed if the required input is either omitted or wrong
These three fields are repeated for:
  • visitor's name
  • visitor's e-mail address
  • subject of the message
  • message text
  • anti-robot-test
  • consent (if turned on)
NEW 20.12


  • Label Color - color wells for setting the text- and background-color of the field labels
  • Input Color - sets the color of the input fields
  • Input Text Color - sets the color of the text inside the input fields
  • Help Text Color - sets the color of the help text (error message)
  • Placeholder - color wells for setting the text- and background-colour of the placeholder text