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Scroll To

Scroll to a particular position on the page


  • Use Button-, Icon- or Image stack as marker
  • Custom marker alignment
  • Choose from 10 easing styles

  • Custom duration of easing effect
  • Custom offset for precise location


Place the main stack where you want to put the marker. After choosing the marker type (Button, Icon or Image), give it a unique name. Give the same name to the child-stack and "tear" it off, positioning it at the scroll target.


General Settings

Scroll Target ID - this is the unique name for a particular instance of the Scroll To stack. Make sure to assign the same name to the child stack. Avoid blanks and complicated names
Alignment - to align the marker, use the "left", "center", "right" options

Specific Settings

  • Easing - choose from the 10 available easing effects
  • Duration - specify the duration of the selected easing effect
  • Offset - specifies the offset (from top) of the scroll position, e.g. to avoid the height of a fixed menu bar